April 9, 2012

Great Art Joins Good Food and Good Books

Dining with King Artists

Diners at the Windward City Shopping Center "Denny's Restaurant" can now enjoy their pancakes and coffee under the beautiful artwork of our Cobras. Our student artists are: Danny Dang, Keila Ortiz, Emily Toguchi-Tani, Henry Nakamura-McCoy, Esket Padeken, Damion Scandrick, Jenston Wilcox, Jade Young, Liko Aiwohi, Maile Goldstein, Braden Kanda, Josephine Kane-Royos, Rebecca Lopez, Koltman Aipia, Nizhoni Faris-Benally, Jericho Gabuat, Mia Hawelu, Ezekiel-Xane Lee, Sarah Mendoza, Justin Salvador-Lomibao, Korah Schleinkofer, Alma Tuquib, Colby Martin, Reef Puu, Ceydee Tagura, Mariah Miner, and Miki Suguturaga. The budding talents of our students are encouraged by 7th grade art teacher, Ms. Jean Noguchi. Congratulations Cobras! The artwork will be up until May 14th for diner's enjoyment.

Bringing "Spirit Bear" to Form

Our 7th grade art students are extending their creative talents into their English lessons too. The students are glazing clay sculpture based on imagery from their reading of "Touching Spirit Bear" with English teachers, Jennifer Joaquin and Mary Reilley.  The students kept a visual journal and created colorful trading cards. They then transferred their ideas into a 12" tall clay sculpture.   The clay supplies were provided by a $250 teacher grant awarded by the Windward Artists Guild.

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