September 30, 2011

We Live the 5Rs!

King faculty and staff got into the Spirit Week activities with their own 5Rs T-shirt Day! King is a dedicated supporter of the 5Rs and strives to instill - Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience and healthy Relationships in all our Cobras. Thank you to Kaneohe Community Family Center (KCFC), our new neighbors on our campus,  for their generous donation of the 5Rs shirts.

Report Card Time!

First Quarter Report Cards
First quarter report cards will be mailed home during the week of Fall recess. For some students and families, it will be a time for smiles and congratulations.  For others, it may be a time of disappointment and frustration.  How parents react to a report card is very important to your child.

Tips for Parents:
SIT DOWN with your child and look over the report card. PRAISE YOUR CHILD. Find at least one good thing, e.g. a good grade, good attendance. BE CALM! Let your child tell you about his/her grades – the good and the bad. ASK your child what he/she can do to earn better grades. ASK your child how you can help him/her do better in school. If improvement is needed, MAKE A PLAN with your child. Poor grades are often due to frequent absences, missing assignments, and/or poor quality of work turned in. Don't "do" your child's homework for them, but do help them by keeping to a REGULAR STUDY TIME AND PLACE at home. Help keep distractions to a minimum during study time.  Have SUPPLIES AND RESOURCES available. Homework (and the consequences for not doing and turning in homework) is your child's responsibility. Your SUPPORT of this expectation will do your child well now and throughout high school. Also, remember to NURTURE AND ENCOURAGE your child's non-academic interests - sports, music, arts, etc. Success in these other areas can be a great motivator and contributor to school success. And when needed, ask for HELP from your child’s teacher or counselor.

Be sure we have your current mailing address on file. Call the office if you recently moved. If you have not received your child's report card in the mail by October 11th, contact your child's counselor: 7th grade counselor - Ms. Mumaw, 233-5727, ext. 232; 8th grade counselor - Ms. Nakagawa, 233-5727, ext. 230.

PARENTS: What grade would you give yourself at report card time?

Gotta Dance! Gotta Sing! Gotta Be at the Auditions!

 It's showtime with the Castle Performing Arts Center!

CPAC will be holding auditions for King Intermediate students on October 12 (Wed.) and October 13 (Thurs.) at King Intermediate School. They will be held in Rm. F-2, starting immediately after school and will run for 2 hours. If interested, plan to attend both days, with dance on Wednesday and vocals on Thursday. 

For over forty years through nationally renowned musical theatre and dance programs, the Castle Performing Arts Center has been producing plays, musicals and special events. Designated as a public school Learning Center by the State of Hawaii Dept. of Education, CPAC programs annually serve hundreds of students in grades 5-12 in Windward Oahu. While many of their graduates become professional actors, singers, dancers, and technicians, they are committed to teaching the life skills for all students to become active, caring members of their communities no matter what their chosen careers!

September 23, 2011

Wanted: Safe Drivers in Kaneohe

King students and staff participated in an early morning HPD Traffic Awareness Program on September 21 in front of our campus. They held signs with various traffic safety slogans and greeted morning drivers with waves and cheers. Many drivers "honked" back in appreciation. HPD Sgt. Samson says this is one part of their continuing driver education campaign to make our Windward roads safer for students and all our citizens. Drivers - be smart, because this was the education and awareness phase, next will be the ticketing and enforcement phase! Be Smart! Drive Safe!

Don't Miss the Bus!

ATTENTION ALL SCHOOL BUS RIDERS - Effective Tuesday, October 11, 2011, the Dept. of Education will implement a change to its school bus policy that will affect all school bus riding students.

Beginning October 11, all High School students who fail to display a valid bus pass or present a valid bus coupon in the mornings will be refused a ride to school. Also, all students in all grades who fail to display a valid bus pass or present a valid bus coupon in the afternoons will be refused a ride home.

Parents - Please make sure your child has his/her school bus pass in their possession every day. If you need to pay for your child's second quarter pass or need a replacement pass, please come to the King office as soon as possible.

Prices are: Replacement pass is $5; Quarterly one-way is $36; Quarterly round-trip is $72.

September 22, 2011

"The Great Cha-Cha Slide" Kicks Off Spirit Week

 Cobras Can Dance!
Students had a morning workout today as they kicked off Spirit Week with "The Great Cha-Cha Slide." Under beautiful skies, they hopped, jumped and slid to the right with their team members in the first of the week's daily spirit activities.

Energetic 7th graders do the "Charlie Brown."

 8th grade Cobras were ready with the moves.

It was a great morning of dancing and Cobra Pride!

S.W. King Intermediate Symphonic Band Fall Concert

Come and hear the music of King! 

The students of the S.W. King Intermediate Symphonic Band will treat you to an evening of music that will take you to far off lands. Under the expert hands of Band teacher, Mr. Larry Trela, the program will include pieces like "Pirates of the Caribbean, Castles and Dragons, Celtic Air and Dance No.2," and much more. The event is free and open to students, parents and family. See you there!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
7:00 p.m.

September 20, 2011


Our Cobras are gearing up for the annual Spirit Week 2011!  It's a time for students, teachers, staff and grade level teams to show their school spirit and pride by participating in various activities and competitions. Teams vie for points and bragging rights throughout the week. It is also the last week of the quarter, so it is a celebration of the completion (hopefully a successful one) of the 1st Quarter. It will be a week filled with festive fun!

Hot Item! Cobra Pride Wristbands
  9/26/11, Monday - The Great Cha-Cha Slide
  9/27/11, Tuesday - Tuesday Team Showdown
  9/28/11, Wednesday - Team Competition Games
  9/29/11, Thursday - Cobra Colors Day 
                (wear red and/or yellow)
  9/30/11, Friday - "Dance Off, Let's Move, and More"

                     YO COBRAS!

September 6, 2011

IMPORTANT: Federal Survey Card Time! Cards are due on Sept. 8th

If you've been in the public school system, then you know that the annual Federal Survey Card is a "traditional" occurence. King students will be receiving their Federal Survey Cards on Wed, Sept. 7, in their advisory class. Cards must be completed and returned the next day on Sept. 8th.

The survey cards determine the number of federally-connected students in the public school system. Federally-connected students are those children whose parent or legal guardian reside and/or work on federal property; children whose parents reside in federal low-rent housing; and children whose parent are a member of the uniformed services, but who reside off the military base, including children of foreign military officers.

Based on these criteria, data is collected from the survey cards and delivered to the federal Department of Education, which reimburses the Hawaii DOE in impact aid for educating federally-connected students. Impact aid is the only federal education program where the funds are sent directly to the school district. As education state funding gets cut and costs increase, these federal funds become very important to our schools and students. Please help us out by completing the cards and returning them the next day. Our grade level teams will also be able to earn team points for returned cards!

September 5, 2011

Cobra Sports Rarin' to Go.....

The Cross-Country team is putting in their training miles and building their endurance on the roads of Kaneohe and on our campus.  They are gearing up for the challenging course at Kualoa Ranch on Sept.17th.

Our Cobra Volleyball team is also hitting the courts with their digs, blocks and serves as they get ready for an exciting game day on Oct. 22 at the King gym.

And if that's not enough, coming up is Cobra Basketball!
There will be in informational meeting for interested basketball players (7th and 8th, girls and boys) on Sept. 13th at 2:25 p.m. in the gym. You will be done in time to catch the school bus. Tryouts will be after Thanksgiving. All paperwork must be completed and turned in before tryouts begin. Games start in January 2012. Don't miss it! (There's more too....track and field is in the 2nd semester!). If you have any questions about our sports program, contact Fran Bellinger, PE Dept., at for information.