September 20, 2011


Our Cobras are gearing up for the annual Spirit Week 2011!  It's a time for students, teachers, staff and grade level teams to show their school spirit and pride by participating in various activities and competitions. Teams vie for points and bragging rights throughout the week. It is also the last week of the quarter, so it is a celebration of the completion (hopefully a successful one) of the 1st Quarter. It will be a week filled with festive fun!

Hot Item! Cobra Pride Wristbands
  9/26/11, Monday - The Great Cha-Cha Slide
  9/27/11, Tuesday - Tuesday Team Showdown
  9/28/11, Wednesday - Team Competition Games
  9/29/11, Thursday - Cobra Colors Day 
                (wear red and/or yellow)
  9/30/11, Friday - "Dance Off, Let's Move, and More"

                     YO COBRAS!

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