September 30, 2011

Report Card Time!

First Quarter Report Cards
First quarter report cards will be mailed home during the week of Fall recess. For some students and families, it will be a time for smiles and congratulations.  For others, it may be a time of disappointment and frustration.  How parents react to a report card is very important to your child.

Tips for Parents:
SIT DOWN with your child and look over the report card. PRAISE YOUR CHILD. Find at least one good thing, e.g. a good grade, good attendance. BE CALM! Let your child tell you about his/her grades – the good and the bad. ASK your child what he/she can do to earn better grades. ASK your child how you can help him/her do better in school. If improvement is needed, MAKE A PLAN with your child. Poor grades are often due to frequent absences, missing assignments, and/or poor quality of work turned in. Don't "do" your child's homework for them, but do help them by keeping to a REGULAR STUDY TIME AND PLACE at home. Help keep distractions to a minimum during study time.  Have SUPPLIES AND RESOURCES available. Homework (and the consequences for not doing and turning in homework) is your child's responsibility. Your SUPPORT of this expectation will do your child well now and throughout high school. Also, remember to NURTURE AND ENCOURAGE your child's non-academic interests - sports, music, arts, etc. Success in these other areas can be a great motivator and contributor to school success. And when needed, ask for HELP from your child’s teacher or counselor.

Be sure we have your current mailing address on file. Call the office if you recently moved. If you have not received your child's report card in the mail by October 11th, contact your child's counselor: 7th grade counselor - Ms. Mumaw, 233-5727, ext. 232; 8th grade counselor - Ms. Nakagawa, 233-5727, ext. 230.

PARENTS: What grade would you give yourself at report card time?

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