January 30, 2012

School Quality Survey Sent Home - Check "Papers for Parents" pocket

The School Quality Survey (SQS) is a DOE-administered survey that asks teachers, students, parents, administrative office staff, and instructional support staff for their opinions of school quality. King students will take the student survey on January 31, 2012 in their Advisory class. They will be surveyed on various items about their classes, their teachers, the curriculum and their overall experience at King.

We would like the feedback from parents too. Parent packets will be sent home with all King 7th and 8th grade students on January 31, 2012 via their Advisory class. (They should have it in their "Papers for Parents" pocket.) Last year only 24% of parents returned the surveys. We encourage you to take the time to complete and mail in the survey (a pre-paid postage envelope is included with the survey). Schools and other groups use survey results when developing self-reports for accreditation and standards implementation. Your voice is important as we continually strive to make King a great place for your child. THANK YOU!

You can view King's SQS results and other data via the link below:

 S.W. King Intermediate School - My School Site

January 26, 2012

Organization Check-Up!

Organization is a challenge for many of our students. They need the "tools" and structure for learning the practice of daily organization. For this reason, King provides each student with one free binder,planner and pocket dividers at the beginning of the school year. For many students, the binder and planner lasts for the whole year and is put to good use. For others, by the 3rd quarter parts are missing and or damaged. Please help us support your child's school success by taking the time to check their binders, planners and contents of their backpacks. Help them sort through their papers. Who know's what you may find at the bottom of the bag!
We're in the 2nd semester, we're in Round 1 of HSA testing, and we're coming upon midquarter deficiency week....let's give our students the tools for success. Students can replace lost or damaged binder parts at the front office. Replacement prices are as follows:

King Binder Replacement:
         Binder only                        $  3.00
         Planner only                       $  5.00
         Pocket Dividers only          $  4.00
         Entire set                             $10.00                                 

January 23, 2012

King and Castle Student Government Seeking Leaders!

The King and Castle election season for next year's Student Government officers has begun! King 7th grade students can run for an office in the Cobra Executive Board. And King 8th grade students can run for an office in the Castle Freshman Student Council.

Being a Student Government officer is a great opportunity to develop one's skills in leadership, teamwork, planning, time management and more. Students elected into office will be enrolled in a one year Leadership class (1 elective credit) next year. It does come with a commitment of a student's time and energy, and an expectation of hard work and diligence.

Interested students can pick up a candidate's packet from Mrs. Kino, counselor, main office. Informational meeting for candidates will be held in February.

King Cares with Shoebox for Homeless Project

January 21, 2012


Students and faculty kicked-off Round 1 of HSA Testing with an outdoor "Fire It Up!" assembly. Fire Knife Dancers from Vaimatina, under the direction of David Galeai, three-time World Champion Fire Knife Dancer, "wow-ed" the crowd with their exciting performances. Several of our brave students also got a chance to try their hand at some dancing and twirling. Mr. Galeai emphasized to our students that being good at any skill requires hard work, daily diligence and personal commitment. He, along with Principal Alaiasa, encouraged the students to put forth their best effort for the upcoming HSA testing.

 You can help your child be "FIRED UP!" to give his/her best on the HSA  by doing the following:
  -Have your child get a good night’s sleep 
- Provide a healthy and nourishing breakfast for optimum performance (students may purchase breakfast at school too!) 
- Ensure daily, on-time attendance. 
-Talk to your child about putting forth his/her best effort and taking the tests seriously.  IMPORTANT: HSA scores are used by King and Castle High School to determine class placement in elective courses (reading and math support classes).

Although make-up testing days will be available, we strongly encourage daily attendance on testing days. Make-up testing will require us to take time from your child’s other classes to administer the missed sessions. Also, please schedule non-emergency appointments before or after testing dates.

HSA 2012 Testing Schedule:
Jan. 23-27 - HSA Round 1/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
Jan. 30-Feb. 3 - HSA Round 1/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
Feb. 6-10- HSA Round 1/Science/Gr. 8

March 19-23 - HSA Round 2/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
March 27-April 2 - HSA Round 2/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
April 16-20 - HSA Round 2/Science/Gr. 8

April 30 - May 4 - HSA Round 3/Rdg/Gr. 7 and 8
May 7-May 11- HSA Round 3/Math/Gr. 7 and 8

If you have any questions about the HSA, please contact Pamela Kino, Test Coordinator, at pamela_kino@notes.k12.hi.us or call 233-5727, ext. 231.

January 20, 2012

Breakfast of Champions! Keep your Child "Fired Up" and Fueled Up"

Campus Mural Restored to Beauty!

Vandals hit our campus in November (11/11/11 article) and defaced one of our beautiful campus murals. The other campus walls were cleaned up but the mural graffiti remained in order to determine the best way to proceed with the clean-up. This past weekend, 8th gr. art teacher, Mr. Richard Pettit, expertly repainted and restored the mural. Students and teachers are once again enjoying the beautiful scene on our campus.
Thank you Mr. Pettit!

January 11, 2012

It's All About S.A.M.!

Congratulations to our 
2nd Quarter "Academic Achievers"

King's Gold list and Scarlet list students are receiving their 2nd Qtr. Academic Achiever dogtags this week in their Advisory class.

Gold List - GPA 3.5 and up, Cs or better
Scarlet List - GPA 3.0 to 3.499, Cs or better

Students can also participate in our "Triple AAA" Day on January 18, 2012.  Neck chains for the dog tags are on sale at the front office for 50 cents.

7th Grade Academic Achievers List
8th Grade Academic Achievers List

Cobra Basketball Takes the Court!

The King Intermediate Cobra Basketball teams are geared up for the game! They've done the drills, taken the shots, ran the courts and are ready to go the distance in the 2012 season. King's two teams, the girls team (7th & 8th players) and the boys team (7th & 8th players) will begin play this weekend in the first of 4 tournaments. Game dates are January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, all at our King Armory (gym). The games, against other public intermediate and middle schools, begin with the girls at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., and the boys at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Admission is free and the concession stand will be open at 8:00 a.m. 

King's basketball coaches have worked hard to instill not only the skills and strategies of the game, but also the sportsmanship and discipline of a true "5Rs" student-athlete. Team members are reminded that they represent their school and community both on and off the court. Come down and cheer our Cobras on!

 2012 Cobra Basketball Team:

Girls                                            Boys                            
Nise Carlisle                               Ginwell Agustin                 
King Intermediate 2012 Basketball
Xena Diaz-Uriquidi                    Bransen Apoa                       
Sydney Fernandez                      Noa Brown-Santiago            
Michel Gary                               Wylie Byles              
Caryl Gladul                               Shane Carr              
Anolani Hoapili                          Maurice Craighead
Kaylee Ishii, Kaylee                   Darrick Cuellar
Sierra Koki                                 Kili Iida
Alexis Perreira, Alexis               James Livingston-Lopez
Kuluwai Punahele                      Logan Madrona            
Airi Sellers                                 Michael Schenk          
Carissa Yoshimori, Carissa        Jaypete Sisra                  
Kalehua Zuttermeister                Ikaika Soderberg             
                                                    Jason Sumaoang
                                                    Kai Zimmerman

 Coaches                                     Coaches
Donna Rodenhurst                      Rick Lastimosa
Joy Kuraoka                                Yun Choe
Jeff Moore


January 5, 2012

Notification to Parents: Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

Honors Testing for 2012-13 School Year

We will be having three testing sessions for our 2012-13 Honors program. All 6th graders who are interested in King's Honors Program, including students who are currently in a GT program, must apply. Current King 7th grade students who are not in the Honors Program can also attend these testing sessions. Current 7th graders in the Honors program do not need to take the tests for the 8th grade Honors Program. The dates are as follows:
  • January 19, 2012 (Thursday), Room E8, 6:30-7:45 p.m.
  • January 21, 2012 (Saturday), Room E8, 8:30-11:45 a.m.
  • January 24, 2012 (Tuesday), Room E8, Library, 6:30-7:45 p.m.                                                            
E8 is located behind the Admin Building. Signs will be posted.
    Testing in reading and math will be held on each of the dates. The reading test is for placement in Honors Language Arts class, Honors Social Studies class and Honors Science class. The math test is for placement in Honors Math class.

    Students can take only one test (Language Arts or Math) on either January 19 or January 24. Students can take both tests on January 21. Students may choose to come on any of the three days. Each test is approximately one hour.

    If you would like your child to be considered for King's Honors Programs, he/she may apply for eligibility by completing the registration form, provide the requested documents, and take the screening tests. Information/registration packets for honors testing have been provided to the elementary schools for 6th grade students. Current King 7th grade students who are interested in the 8th grade Honors program can pick up the information packet from their counselor. Please complete the registration packet prior to arriving on testing day and have the required copies of documents with you when checking-in for testing.

    Please take note of these dates and plan accordingly. No additional testing dates will be scheduled. If you have any questions about the Honors program, please contact Edna Narimatsu, e-mail edna_narimatsu@notes.k12.hi.us or call 233-5727, ext. 284.

    Download Honors Packet

    2012 Yearbook will be a HOT item!