January 26, 2012

Organization Check-Up!

Organization is a challenge for many of our students. They need the "tools" and structure for learning the practice of daily organization. For this reason, King provides each student with one free binder,planner and pocket dividers at the beginning of the school year. For many students, the binder and planner lasts for the whole year and is put to good use. For others, by the 3rd quarter parts are missing and or damaged. Please help us support your child's school success by taking the time to check their binders, planners and contents of their backpacks. Help them sort through their papers. Who know's what you may find at the bottom of the bag!
We're in the 2nd semester, we're in Round 1 of HSA testing, and we're coming upon midquarter deficiency week....let's give our students the tools for success. Students can replace lost or damaged binder parts at the front office. Replacement prices are as follows:

King Binder Replacement:
         Binder only                        $  3.00
         Planner only                       $  5.00
         Pocket Dividers only          $  4.00
         Entire set                             $10.00                                 

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