January 30, 2012

School Quality Survey Sent Home - Check "Papers for Parents" pocket

The School Quality Survey (SQS) is a DOE-administered survey that asks teachers, students, parents, administrative office staff, and instructional support staff for their opinions of school quality. King students will take the student survey on January 31, 2012 in their Advisory class. They will be surveyed on various items about their classes, their teachers, the curriculum and their overall experience at King.

We would like the feedback from parents too. Parent packets will be sent home with all King 7th and 8th grade students on January 31, 2012 via their Advisory class. (They should have it in their "Papers for Parents" pocket.) Last year only 24% of parents returned the surveys. We encourage you to take the time to complete and mail in the survey (a pre-paid postage envelope is included with the survey). Schools and other groups use survey results when developing self-reports for accreditation and standards implementation. Your voice is important as we continually strive to make King a great place for your child. THANK YOU!

You can view King's SQS results and other data via the link below:

 S.W. King Intermediate School - My School Site

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