January 21, 2012


Students and faculty kicked-off Round 1 of HSA Testing with an outdoor "Fire It Up!" assembly. Fire Knife Dancers from Vaimatina, under the direction of David Galeai, three-time World Champion Fire Knife Dancer, "wow-ed" the crowd with their exciting performances. Several of our brave students also got a chance to try their hand at some dancing and twirling. Mr. Galeai emphasized to our students that being good at any skill requires hard work, daily diligence and personal commitment. He, along with Principal Alaiasa, encouraged the students to put forth their best effort for the upcoming HSA testing.

 You can help your child be "FIRED UP!" to give his/her best on the HSA  by doing the following:
  -Have your child get a good night’s sleep 
- Provide a healthy and nourishing breakfast for optimum performance (students may purchase breakfast at school too!) 
- Ensure daily, on-time attendance. 
-Talk to your child about putting forth his/her best effort and taking the tests seriously.  IMPORTANT: HSA scores are used by King and Castle High School to determine class placement in elective courses (reading and math support classes).

Although make-up testing days will be available, we strongly encourage daily attendance on testing days. Make-up testing will require us to take time from your child’s other classes to administer the missed sessions. Also, please schedule non-emergency appointments before or after testing dates.

HSA 2012 Testing Schedule:
Jan. 23-27 - HSA Round 1/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
Jan. 30-Feb. 3 - HSA Round 1/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
Feb. 6-10- HSA Round 1/Science/Gr. 8

March 19-23 - HSA Round 2/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
March 27-April 2 - HSA Round 2/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
April 16-20 - HSA Round 2/Science/Gr. 8

April 30 - May 4 - HSA Round 3/Rdg/Gr. 7 and 8
May 7-May 11- HSA Round 3/Math/Gr. 7 and 8

If you have any questions about the HSA, please contact Pamela Kino, Test Coordinator, at pamela_kino@notes.k12.hi.us or call 233-5727, ext. 231.

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