September 6, 2011

IMPORTANT: Federal Survey Card Time! Cards are due on Sept. 8th

If you've been in the public school system, then you know that the annual Federal Survey Card is a "traditional" occurence. King students will be receiving their Federal Survey Cards on Wed, Sept. 7, in their advisory class. Cards must be completed and returned the next day on Sept. 8th.

The survey cards determine the number of federally-connected students in the public school system. Federally-connected students are those children whose parent or legal guardian reside and/or work on federal property; children whose parents reside in federal low-rent housing; and children whose parent are a member of the uniformed services, but who reside off the military base, including children of foreign military officers.

Based on these criteria, data is collected from the survey cards and delivered to the federal Department of Education, which reimburses the Hawaii DOE in impact aid for educating federally-connected students. Impact aid is the only federal education program where the funds are sent directly to the school district. As education state funding gets cut and costs increase, these federal funds become very important to our schools and students. Please help us out by completing the cards and returning them the next day. Our grade level teams will also be able to earn team points for returned cards!

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