November 17, 2011

King Campus Gets High Marks

Our yearly campus inspection was held on 11/14/11 by a team of school staff, district personnel, parents and a legislator. They walked through our campus and inspected the school grounds, buildings (interior/exterior), and furnishings to identify any possible sanitation, safety or maintenance concerns. Mr. Robert Lockyer, Vice Principal, proudly reports that our campus was rated a "3 - very good" in each category, for a perfect total score of 18 points. That is the highest rating a school can obtain. There are some areas that do need attention (missing ceiling tiles, peeling paint, dripping faucet), and requests have been put in for their repair. However, overall, King campus was found to be "very good" shape. The hard work of our custodial staff to keep our school safe and beautiful is applauded. And our students and staff who continue to have great pride and concern for "our home" makes King a very special campus.

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