November 16, 2011

Attendance Matters!

S.W. King Intermediate School has recently made some positive changes regarding our Attendance Procedures.  Parent notes excusing their children for illness, three days or less will now be accepted as “excused.”  Previously S.W. King Intermediate had required a Doctor’s note in order for a student to receive an “excused” absence, even for one absence.  Any absence beyond three days of illness, S.W. King Intermediate requires that parents obtain a doctor’s note.

S.W. King has a positive attendance record of over 94% student present in school. These attendance figures demonstrate that our students support and enjoy the programs provided at King. A positive parent/school partnership requires that parents inform the school by 9 a.m. of the day of child’s absence (233-5727).  The safety of our students requires that we know that they are at home and cared for properly. 

100% on-time attendance is our high goal for on-time attendance. Being late to school disturbs the learning environment.  We also understand that sometimes, traffic patterns, personal issues occasionally interfere with on time attendance.  Students will be allowed “amnesty” for the first two unexcused tardies.  When a student is unexcused tardy to school three times or beyond, there will be a “learning opportunity” via lunch-time detention.  This detention involves sitting in a designated area during lunch and then helping to clean the common areas of the cafeteria.  Chronic “late to school” behavior will require a parent conference(s). Please help your child manage his time in the morning by allowing adequate time to wake up, get ready, and travel to school. Being prepared the night before with books, supplies, and clothes is also a great help to the morning routine.

Attendance matters!  On-time behavior is an important ingredient for success in school, at work and in the home. Let’s start developing this good habit in our children. Please continue your positive partnership with S.W. King Intermediate by your close personal attention to these attendance issues. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your child's attendance, please call James Frisbie, Attendance Counselor, 233-5727, ext. 233.

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