November 18, 2011

Bus Port is Finally Here!

King's long awaited bus port will be open very soon. It has been years in the planning and funding. Now our students have a safer and weather-protected school bus area for drop-off and pick-up. Students will soon be informed of these new procedures:

1.  The bus port area is restricted to only students who ride the school bus. It is not a place to hangout with friends, loiter or play. Students who are walking on the way out of campus should stay off the road and walk within the fenced area.
2.  The bus will pick-up students in the same bus route order as the current site. First round is the same 5 buses in the same order, followed by the next 3 buses.
3.  Students enter from the sidewalk that leads up to the holding area and wait on the raised cement platform. Do not wait near the entrances or on the bus roadway.
4.  Students must line-up in a single line, extending towards the back wall of the bus port.
5.  No personal vehicles (parents/guardians) for student drop-off or pick-up is allowed in the bus port area.
6. No loitering in the bus port area before or after school.
7. Please use caution when crossing the roads. Use the crosswalks.

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