November 17, 2011

Bottle Cap Recycling is a Success!

Our Bottle Cap Recycling Team Competition ended with a whopping 122 pounds of plastic bottle caps! Students, teachers and staff got into the spirit of "taking care of our environment" by making the easy effort to save their bottle caps. We even had students picking up bottle caps as they walked to and from school. Students were informed via morning commercials about the hazards these caps pose to our environment and wildlife. Dead birds as far away as Midway Island have been found to have stomachs full of these harmful plastic caps.

We have succeeded in creating an awareness among students about how their actions can impact the environment. We'd like our King families to continue this project in their homes too. Go to this site and watch a video on how your family can continue this effort: Also, more info on the Goodwill redemption centers is at this site:

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