December 9, 2011

Wrapping up the 1st Semester with Holiday Fun!

Our students are in the holiday spirit (restless!) as we head into the last week of the 1st semester. We have an activity filled week for them before we let them loose. Here's the line up for the week:

Monday: Lunch with Santa - A jolly fellow will be visiting our students during lunch time in the cafeteria. They will be surrounded by the wonderful Christmas decor created by our 8th grade Set and Design students. A beautiful living room will be set up to greet Santa. A fast and fun game of K-I-N-G-O will also be played by the students.

Tuesday: Holiday Ninja Christmas - This is our monthly Tuesday Team Showdown with a holiday twist. Students can sign-up in the cafeteria at lunch to represent their team in this game of skill and dexterity. They will race against time to decorate a Christmas tree....with chopsticks! Team points will be awarded!

Wednesday: Holiday Hats Day - Here's a chance for our students to show their holiday spirit....just decorate your head. Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf ears, garland in their hair or any other holiday accessory can be worn on their head only. King uniform shirt is still required. Regular caps or hats are not allowed, must have a holiday theme. Team points will be awarded!

Thursday: Team Competition - Polar Express - It will be a loud and high-energy crowd in our gym as teams compete in a game of strategy and teamwork. With parachutes and boxes, it's will be unpredictable fun. It's the last chance to earn team points for the quarter!

School ends at 1:15 p.m. on Thursday! Have a safe and relaxing holiday season!

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