December 20, 2011

Hawaii State Assessment 2012 - Round 1 Coming Up in January!

Our King students will soon be taking Round 1 of the Hawaii State Assessment (HSA) in reading (7th & 8th), math (7th & 8th) and science (8th grade). The 2012 HSA is done completely on-line. Students may have up to three attempts to take the HSA in order to improve their scores. Their best score is taken.  The assessments will be done via their English, math and science classes. As an on-line assessment, the testing sessions have the flexibility to adjust to the student's  performance level, thus eliminating frustration and “I give up” situations. Students receive their score results immediately after completion of the session. A score of 300 or better "meets proficiency." Teachers and students see the test results and make the necessary adjustments in curriculum and instruction.

Our teachers have been making sure that their students are involved in optimal learning activities. Teachers have refined their curriculum and assessments, employed student engagement strategies, and collaborated with administration, service providers and resource personnel to improve the rigor and relevance of their courses. We have emphasized to our students the importance of these tests to our school. King achieved Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) for 2010-11, and need one more year of "meet proficiency" in reading and math to be out of  the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) "restructuring" status. HSA Parent Information booklets were sent home with your child in November 2011. Please take the time to read the booklet and familiarize yourself with the HSA.

IMPORTANT: HSA scores are used by King and Castle High School to determine class placement and elective course selection (reading and math support classes).

You can help your child perform at his/her best on the HSA and other tests by doing the following:

         - Have your child get a good night’s sleep

         - Provide a healthy and nourishing breakfast for optimum performance

         - Ensure daily, on-time attendance. 
         -Talk to your child about putting forth his/her best effort and taking the tests                                seriously 

Although make-up testing days will be available, we strongly encourage daily attendance on testing days. Make-up testing will require us to take time from your child’s other classes to administer the missed sessions. Also, please schedule non-emergency appointments before or after testing dates.

HSA 2012 Testing Schedule:
Jan. 23-27 - HSA Round 1/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
Jan. 30-Feb. 3 - HSA Round 1/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
Feb. 6-10- HSA Round 1/Science/Gr. 8

March 19-23 - HSA Round 2/Reading/Gr. 7 and 8
March 27-April 2 - HSA Round 2/Math/Gr. 7 and 8
April 16-20 - HSA Round 2/Science/Gr. 8

April 30 - May 4 - HSA Round 3/Rdg/Gr. 7 and 8
May 7-May 11- HSA Round 3/Math/Gr. 7 and 8

If you have any questions about the HSA, please contact Pamela Kino, Test Coordinator, at or call 233-5727, ext. 231.

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